Twilight Thresholds: the Line Between Light and Shadow…

Through this blog, I seek to enrich my own tradition and explore the customs I practice. Some have been handed to me, others I have created myself.

What are the practices that define my faith? I seek out opportunities to practice senseless acts of beauty and random acts of kindness, and often find myself at odds with pagans who want to appeal to the broader public by putting on an air of PC approachability. I definitely have my own style. I struggle to build more self confidence in how I practice, while at the same time lessening my tendencies toward self righteousness or judginess. I like being outrageous and flamboyant one second, and then completely disappearing into the crowd the next.

I hope that writing articles about my beliefs will help me to pin them down, so I can have something solid to pass down to future generations.

I seek to claim un-knowing, not knowing anything for certain about the world.