This is my first “F” post for the Pagan Blog Project.

Finding: Discovery walking hand in hand with Attainment. It’s the joy of the Eostre Egg, the surprise of a child jumping out of a Hide-and-Seek hidey-hole. It can even be the satisfaction of redeeming coffee-beer-fun-money from the abyss of couch cushions. On a larger scale, it’s waking up into a life and realizing you began manifesting your current apartment ten years ago with simply a longing look at how people’s existences in this neighborhood appeared to be simple, yet expansive and pleasant. The “if-only” thoughts we entertain do affect our reality, because thoughts become things. If we spend enough time focusing on something to the exclusion of something else, that thing will come about whether we’re hoping for it, or dreading it.

I have been viewing my work with manifestation magick more through a lens of “finding” lately, and I just realized this through a comment I felt led to post about manifestation work. A couple of previous comments brought up a tendency in Divine Beings to look for loopholes in our magick to send us “be careful what you wish for” lessons. I just had to say:

At the risk of sounding like a know-it-all, I would just like to point out something from personal experience that has helped me in manifestation goof-ups: I have noticed over time that as soon as I realize a spell might backfire, I can divine for and design another spell to counteract the effects of the first spell to perform some damage control. Even if I do this when the spell is already in action, it still lessens the negative impact. Everything that we could desire already exists, and all we have to do is move toward it, or draw it to us. The easiest gesture I could tell anyone is making the rune Nauthiz with your fingers, like old ppl used to do to scold naughty children, as taught by Thunder-Wizard in this video ( 
I feel that the most important aspect of counter-spelling is to acknowledge that I screwed up, the lesson I’m taking away from the early realization that the spell might not be working out the way I intended, a vow to myself that I release the root cause of my mistake (such as fear, jealousy, tunnel vision, etc), and also a clear and sincere expression of my own willingness to release the undesirable outcome from my reality to embrace the more desirable thing (yes, I am talking about repentance and atonement, here). 
The penultimate key is, of course, Knowing What You Truly Desire.

As a further note, I would add – Knowing What You Truly Desire is subject to change, and there are a plethora of ways in which to determine what this is, which is also a form of finding. I have found that something can be right for me in the moment of asking, but midway through the manifestation work, I find something better. This is actually a sign that the magick is working! It was hard for me to learn that. For the longest time, I thought it simply meant that I didn’t know what was really good for myself, which is a false concept I have now deprogrammed. Changing and shifting of what is best occurs as we move through time and make progressive choices. Change is not inherently good or bad – it is relative to your own desires.

I would like to share an effective visualization/spell that I do, when I want something.

1) Determine whether it would be a really be a good thing to have. I recommend pendulum readings for this kind of discernment.

2) Affirm that the Universe is Full of Love and Wants me to be Happy. I repeat the phrase “The Universe is full of Love and Wants me to be Happy” until I believe it. I return my focus to my breathing, and consider why I don’t feel the Truth of that statement. I turn my listlessness into a chance to do inner work with myself. Usually, the feeling stems from feelings of undeserving, and underappreciation, for which I use the Emotional Freedom Technique (aka “Tapping” – Deana Troy used this technique in an episode of NextGen, and yes, it works!). If I just can’t get there, because some days are like that, I simply release the work for a later day, asking my Guides for direction. However, when I am secure in Knowing that the Universe is Full of Love and Wants me to be Happy, I proceed to:

3) Spend some time with the object of my desire. If I want something concrete, I imagine holding the thing, using the thing; if it is an event or a trip I imagine a day in my life within that reality. I ask my Higher Self and Guides to help me map out some practical steps to attaining the thing I want, if applicable. I list the details of why it would be good for me to have my desire fulfilled, including benefits to the world around me. Sometimes, the thing is something where I have no idea of the hows or whys in its manifestation, so I move on to the last step.

4) Release attachment to the outcome. If it’s for my highest and best, my Higher Self will have received the message and will be working on bringing favorable circumstances. I continue with mundane planning where applicable, and check in when it feels appropriate to review my choices and desires.

Happy Finding!


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