Earth’s Part in My Sacred Path

This is my second “E” post for the Pagan Blog Project.

Pagans today carry an ancient thread of belief from the dawn of our species’ existence: we honor the Earth as sacred.

This practice can be defined in any number of ways. For me, honoring the Earth as sacred means not only dedicating ritual actions to Her healing, but taking practical, sometimes extremely mundane (think, recycling) action to protect and heal the Earth.

Inevitably, some of what we use must be thrown away. My husband and I compost what we can, recycle what we can, and reuse what we can, but there are always those plastic wrappings, the nightly paper diaper, and so forth. Our garbage can fills up about once a week. It really makes me sick to think that some people fill up a large garbage bag more than once a day (I have seen it with my own eyes), and to think of all the landfills that are leaking toxins into the earth and water supply because it’s more convenient to toss batteries, electronics, and medications in the trash than to recycle them. Islands of trash are forming in the oceans because we can’t seem to effectively manage our waste.

I wish to share a vision that I have had, about our Our Mother Earth and the trash we keep piling onto Her body.

One day, I felt distressed by images I had seen recently of all various land fills across the globe and the Pacific trash belt, and I needed something positive to counterbalance my ecologically-based depression. I sat and cleared my mind, and reached out to the spirit of the Earth to show me how we could redeem our landfills. This didn’t come with any instructions, but now I have a chance to share it to a wider audience than just my consciousness.

Eventually, all our landfills will be sifted through, broken down into parts we can use. I have seen in my mind’s eye, when I meditate on energy to bring me peace and lift my guilt for all that I have contributed to the great trash heap, a process involving lots of heavy machinery and people in HAZMAT suits, sorting through all the bags of waste. Trash is sorted into compostable and¬†recyclable materials, and processed by the machines into either fertilizer to be sent to community gardens, or into raw materials to build something else useful. As the landfills are cleared, people will propagate fungus on the newly cleared topsoil that will help to process the toxins in the soil.

I hope I live to see this happen. I hope that by writing this out, it lends energy to the collective mind to focus on bringing this about. SMIB.